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Alumni Spotlight: Amie Sillah


Amie Sillah, TEAK Class 13, will work as an Assistant Director of Fellow Success and brings her invaluable experiences at Hewitt, Bowdoin (and of course as a TEAK Fellow) to our important work.


What made you decide to work for TEAK?

TEAK has been an incredible influence in my life and continues to inform much about how I interact with the environments and people around me. The minute I saw this open position, I knew it was meant to be! It combines my interests in advising, management, and education, and allows me to give back to a community that’s given me so much.


What experiences and lessons do you hope to teach the new TEAK Fellows you’ll be working with?

Humility is the key. Much of your TEAK experience is impacted by the relationships you build around you, and the opportunities you seize.


So far, has anything surprised you about working for TEAK?

The work environment is collaborative by nature, and it informs how we all approach our work.


Fun fact about yourself

I’m quite double-jointed, and one of my pinkies is shorter than the other!