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Nominate a 6th Grader

Thank you for your interest. TEAK is NO LONGER ACCEPTING NOMINATIONS for the 2017-2018 school year. Interested families of 5th graders can submit an inquiry about applying to TEAK in the fall of 2018.

Teak Nomination Form 2017-2018

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    In order to be competitive in The TEAK Fellowship's applicant pool, students must meet the eligibility requirements detailed below. It is important to note that, while TEAK's admissions process is race-blind, any applicant to TEAK must be a United States citizen or a permanent resident of the United States.

    Qualified applicants to TEAK are current sixth graders who reside in one of the 5 boroughs of NYC and are enrolled in a NYC public or parochial school.


      Perform above grade level 

      Consistently earn classroom grade averages of 90% and above 

      Have scaled scores of 337 or above on the 5th grade NYS ELA and 346 or above on the 5th grade NYS math exams or score in the 90th percentile on other 5th grade standardized tests 

      Have strong attendance and punctuality records 

Be committed students who seek to be challenged academically 


      Demonstrate a serious interest in learning


      Have leadership potential 

    Fellowships are offered to those with academic merit as well as financial need. TEAK's financial guidelines are relative to family size. Consequently, specific cut-off amounts are not available. As such, it is important to note that qualified applicants to TEAK have parents/guardians who: 

    Consider their family to have financial need (whether that be because they receive public assistance or food stamps, live in subsidized housing, have children who may receive free or reduced lunch services, work hard to make ends meet, do not have access to supplemental educational resources, etc.) 

    Will share recent Federal tax returns and/or proof of public assistance 

    Will provide information, as requested in the written application and otherwise, regarding household and 
employment status, businesses (if applicable), as well as assets and investments 

    Are willing to discuss openly and honestly their financial circumstances with TEAK