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How to Apply

The application process for 2020-2021 is now closed. Check back next summer if you are currently in fifth grade (starting 6th grade in fall 2021) or know a qualified student.

Please complete the inquiry form to receive more information about TEAK and begin the application process.


How to Apply


STEP 1: Check your child’s eligibility.

Qualified students must:

•   Be a NYC resident enrolled in sixth-grade in the 2020-2021 academic year
•   Achieved 90% or above in all classes
•   Come from families with financial need
•   Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States (parent status not required)
•   Have strong attendance and punctuality record



STEP 2: Sign up for an information session

Submit the inquiry form above to register for an information session webinar. We offer sessions in English and Spanish.


January 25 – 6 pm English Session
January 25 – 6 pm Sesión en Español
January 28 – 6 pm English Session


STEP 3: Complete online application for Round 1.

•   The application deadline has been extended and all documents are due on February 4th, 2021.

•   The application asks for the student’s 5th-grade report card, 6th-grade report card, written responses, and two teacher recommendations.


STEP 4: Await notification from TEAK staff about your status.

•   TEAK will select approximately 100 finalists in Round 2. Finalists will take an admissions exam and complete an interview.


Financial Eligibility

TEAK evaluates the financial eligibility of its applicants to maintain its commitment to serving students that come from low-income backgrounds. TEAK uses a holistic approach to determine eligibility by considering a variety of factors, including household income, assets, and other factors that impact a family’s financial circumstances. Families who fall below 100% Area Median Income in NYC are eligible to apply.



2 $91,000
3 $102,400
4 $113,700
5 $122,800
6 $131,900
7 $141,000
8 $150,000


If you have any questions, please call the Admissions Office at (212) 288-6678 x104 or email us at [email protected]org. Para Español, llame a 212-288-6678×105.


When can my child apply?
Sixth grade is the only entry year of the program. While we serve students from middle school through college, sixth grade is the only year that students can apply.

Will TEAK take my child out of her current middle school?
No, TEAK is an enrichment program that provides academic support and guidance for students. TEAK’s Middle School Academy consists of after-school classes twice during the week and once a month on Saturdays. We teach these classes in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and at our office in Manhattan. Students will stay at their current middle schools through 8th grade. TEAK supports students in applying to competitive high schools and colleges.

Can I choose which Middle School Academy location my child will attend for their after school programming?
We do our best to place students at the after school program that is most convenient for the student.

Should my child study for the admissions exam?
Studying for the SSAT admissions exam is not necessary. This exam is a diagnostic test that helps us understand students’ strengths and areas of improvement. This helps us plan our curriculum to best serve our students and is only one piece of our academic assessment. We rely most heavily on the student’s report cards and teacher recommendations to understand their academic performance.

How much does TEAK cost the family?
TEAK is a free program. We cover all academic and enrichment expenses for the full ten years totaling over $70,000 per student. Currently, our program is operating virtually. When it is deemed safe, we will provide MetroCards for students to travel to after school and summer programming.

Who decides where my child goes to high school?
High school attendance is a family decision. Our high school placement counselors will offer their guidance and expertise, but ultimately the choice to apply to boarding schools or New York City day schools will be up to the student and their family.

If my child does not get into TEAK, can we re-apply next year?
Sixth grade is the only entry point for the TEAK Fellowship. Because of this, students may not reapply.

Where can I learn more?
Visit our Admissions youtube playlist to watch videos on how to apply, view an information session, and more. View the playlist HERE.