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The TEAK Fellowship is a free NYC-based program that helps talented students from low-income families achieve their potential. Through intensive after school and summer classes, TEAK prepares middle school students to get into the nation’s most selective high schools and colleges. TEAK’s strong support system ensures that students thrive in their high schools and graduate from college, ready to pursue their professional goals and positively impact the world.


Average SAT score for Class of 2021


Earned in tuition aid for 2025 college graduates


of tuition costs covered for college Class of 2024 through financial awards


of TEAK Fellows will be the first in their family to graduate college


Matriculated to the Ivy League

Middle School Programs & High School Placement

With a focus on future academic success and personal growth, our rigorous program prepares students for the highly selective high school admission process.


High School Programs & College Guidance

We provide academic support, transformational summer experiences, internships, and service opportunities along with college guidance to supplement resources offered by high schools.


College Success

When students transition from high school, they have access to our dynamic programming geared towards college success and career preparedness.


Students are eligible for admission to TEAK in the fall of their sixth
grade year.
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The Journey

Follow one of our students from admission to completion of our program and beyond.
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We take pride in our exceptional fellows and the success they’ve found through TEAK.
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Without TEAK I would have continued to live a life of complacency, never even approaching my full potential. I'm now a freshman at Williams College and still discovering what I'm capable of. I have TEAK to thank for that.

Williams College

A TEAK Fellow is self-motivated. He commits himself to learning because he enjoys it and knows that it will benefit him in the future.

St. George's School

I used to believe that I was the product of hopes that turned to failure, but I learned that I was the product of dreams that just needed to see a different light. And that light was TEAK.

Bronx Charter School for Excellence

Before coming to TEAK, I never knew where hard work could lead. After two intense years, I am now a student at Concord Academy and see how determination pays off.

Concord Academy, High School

"I have learned not only how to dream, but that I am worthy of those dreams.

Wesleyan University

All the people that come to TEAK are pretty awesome. They are dedicated, hardworking, and they come out doing amazing things.

Brown University Alpert Medical School

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Become a TEAK mentor to a Fellow or a professional mentor for alumni and provide invaluable support.
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