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Isabella Teran



Isabella Teran, Class 12
High School: St. Paul’s School
Undergraduate: Brown University, B.A. in Architecture
Graduate: Parson’s School of Design, Masters in Architecture


What have you been up to lately? (What you did this summer/what you’re doing now?

I just finished my undergrad and graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Architecture from Brown University this past May. I officially moved back to New York City to the neighborhood I grew up in, Washington Heights, and I spent the whole summer settling into my new apartment. While trying to figure out my daily routine I wanted to keep myself busy with a job that didn’t stress me out too much since I was going to go straight into graduate school this August. I took a part-time at City Parks Foundation as a Marketing Assistant for their citywide Summerstage events. While I obviously had many responsibilities working for Summerstage, I like to joke and say I got paid to attend concerts all summer long, which truly was a great way to take a break from academia. At the end of August, I started a new chapter in my life by pursuing my Masters In Architecture at Parsons School of Design. I’m so excited to strengthen the skills I’ve already developed at Brown University with the help of the Rhode Island School of Design. I am already learning new techniques that I see myself taking into my professional life in the future.

Favorite Memory at TEAK:

My favorite memory at TEAK is definitely when we received our college t-shirts so we could take our iconic college photo. I just remembered feeling so happy to be there with my favorite people and my closest friends I’ve made during my time at TEAK. For years, my class and I would walk into the TEAK office with former class college photos hung around us. Of course, everyone would tell us all that someday that will be us, but it isn’t until that day, T-shirt in hand, that it truly felt real.

Advice for current TEAK Fellows:

Never lose sight of what you want and what really matters to you. All TEAK fellows are passionate students, so never forgot to channel that passion towards something you actually find meaningful and purposeful. Remember to always give back even if it just means giving up your time to help another TEAK fellow.

Is it alright for Fellows to contact you?

Of course! Email me at [email protected]