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Dewahar Senthoor



TEAK Class: Classics
High School: Stuyvesant High School
College: Harvard University, BA in Biomedical Engineering
Medical School: Brown University, MD
Residency: Brown General Surgery
Interest: Hiking, biking, outdoors, dancing, playing chess


What influenced you to become a doctor? 
I decided to pursue medicine after participating in a health and cultural exchange program in Santiago, Chile after my sophomore year in college. I had the opportunity to shadow at a public hospital and volunteer at a children rehab center, and I loved every part of it. I was always interested in the sciences and in pursuing a service oriented field because I grew up with parents who were math/science teachers. My experiences in Santiago helped me realize that medicine was a beautiful confluence of these two passions of mine.


Favorite Memory at TEAK:
One of my favorite memories at TEAK was the camping trip we all took together as a class. Not only did I enjoy being in the outdoors, but I was also with amazing company. This trip gave me the opportunity to spend quality time with my class and share a wonderful experience with them.


Advice for current TEAK Fellows:
Keep pursuing your interests, be open-minded and give back when you can. Life might get busy, but keep in touch with family and friends!


Is it alright for Fellows to contact you? 


Alumni! Have news to share? Let us know! Email [email protected]