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2018 Annual Report

Glancing Back. Focusing Forward.

Teak’s Mission

The TEAK Fellowship believes that motivation and potential, not economic circumstances, should determine a student’s future. TEAK unlocks access to outstanding education and transformative experiences for exceptional NYC students, who use these opportunities to change their lives and the world around them.


IN 2018,


Middle School and High School Fellows



College Scholars and recent graduates



highly motivated


1 out of 4 New Yorkers live at or below the poverty line.
TEAK Fellows are among them.

Glancing Back

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On February 1st, 1998, TEAK opened its doors to motivated and exceptional NYC students


Students Served

Over 550 Students Served


700+ Internships for High School and College


Over 40,000 Hours of Community Service


Over 12,000 Hours of Academic Instruction


93% of TEAK Fellows have entered highly competitive colleges, including 30% into the Ivy League.

Focusing Forward

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After 20 years of proven success, TEAK is uniquely positioned to expand the number of students to whom it offers a transformational opportunity to attend the Nation’s most prestigious high schools and colleges and, subsequently, change the trajectory of their lives.




84% of Class 15 Fellows held a senior leadership position.


TEAK recognizes leadership potential in all who are enrolled in the TEAK Fellowship. Through the Leadership Course all Fellows are taught the skills and perspective to thoughtfully and purposely effect positive change in their communities. TEAK Fellows are leaders in class discussions, on stage, and on athletic fields. Eighty-six percent of students serve in leadership roles at their high schools, breaking additional barriers and charting new paths as they step into prominent roles. Their impact is as impressive as their accomplishments.


The unique combination of Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship, and Fellowship ensures that TEAK graduates have both the academic and social capital to achieve their full potential.


Each year, through a comprehensive admissions process TEAK selects 30 bright, highly motivated students from low-income families who are eager for opportunity and challenge. From day one, they pursue rigorous, enriching curricula taught by experienced public and private school teachers. In after-school, Saturday, and summer classes, TEAK Fellows develop the literacy, critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to thrive in top independent day and boarding schools. They learn about themselves, what they love, and what they can achieve.


100% of Class 15 Fellows gained admission to highly competitive colleges including 30% to Ivy League Institutions.


94% of College Scholars from Class 11 graduated from college in 2018.



TEAK students effect change through service. Each year, one TEAK cohort dedicates its entire summer to a full-time volunteer experience, teaching at-risk youth, providing meals to seniors, and supporting families who are homeless or face housing instability. And, throughout the Fellowship, each student will complete 100 additional volunteer hours — totaling 3,000 hours for each class — dedicated to improving and giving back to their school and local communities. These experiences change Fellows for the better, and in turn strengthen their communities. With the largest percentage of TEAK alumni working in education, public policy, and non-profit organizations (34%), TEAK students are having a direct impact on their communities.


Twenty-four TEAK Fellows gave over 4,320 hours of their time to local New York City non-profit and public service organizations during the Morgan McKinzie Summer of Service Program.


TEAK distinguishes itself from its peer organizations through its dedication to relationship-building and investment in growing each student as an individual. At the same time, they remain part of the larger Fellowship — a strong cohort of peers going through the TEAK experience together and helping to support one another along the way. Their sense of camaraderie is strengthened through group outings to Broadway shows, museum exhibitions and other cultural offerings. These students are also connected to an extensive network beyond TEAK: schools partners, alumni, mentors, internship hosts, and board members who work to support students and continue to open doors along their educational journey.


On October 25th, TEAK’s Board of Directors presented the TEAK 20th Anniversary Gala: Glancing Back/Focusing Forward, raising over $1,400,000. Over 500 sponsors, donors, alumni, and students came together to celebrate our honoree, Justine Stamen Arrillaga, TEAK Fellowship founder. Co-chairs for the event included Board Chair, Marc Becker and previous Board Chairs, Anne Brennan, Robert S. Kaplan, Henry McVey, and Tracy Nixon as well as longtime TEAK friend, JJ Ramberg.

The Numbers

In 2018, TEAK received over $3.7M in support from generous donors, with total expenses at $2.9M of which 84% was used for programs.

We Thank You!

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